We’re in the process of testing a round of updates to the dashboard to improve the way hospitals can identify patients with poor outcomes. These changes are based on feedback we received during our first round of interviews with sites currently trialling pomVLAD.

We’ve made it easier to identify cases where the VLAD falls by adding CaseIds to hover boxes on the display. This allows sites to see CaseIds directly from the VLAD itself which they can then use to look up the case record in more detail on the PQIP web tool.

We’ve also changed the symbol displayed on the VLAD when a patient dies. If a patient unfortunately dies, the symbol shown on the VLAD is now a red triangle (see image below). We hope this supports sites to identify patients for audit, such as presentation at morbidity and mortality meetings more easily.

The example chart below shows how the VLAD will soon appear on the dashboard.

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